Grandmother Of Wakeboard Update

November 22nd, 2013

This is an amazing update from a blog post we did a while back featuring Linda Brown herself.

Hi I’m Linda Brown Guinness Oldest Wakeboard Competiter in the World. It has been five year’s and I would like to post a update on my Wakeboad status for the last five year’s. Still going at it with a little interruption of Mono for the last 6 months and clean up surgery on a knee replacement from my wonderful knee Doc at age 68. My plan is to be back in action next Summer and ready to Rock it again. In two year’s if everything goes well I plan to up my record to 70 year’s of age “God willing” Here are some pictures through the year’s leading up to where I’m as of Nov 2013.

Notable competition results:

Common Wealth Of Virginia Games 1st Place Women’s Open

Indian Point S.M.L. Women’s Open 2nd Place

Who Has The Most To Fear: Man Or Shark?

January 15th, 2012

Ever since Steven Spielberg unleashed Jaws onto the world back in 1975 Sharks have had a really bad press. Throw in the yearly world news hysteria of ‘Man gets eaten by shark on holiday’ and you have a climate of fear built up around the Shark that is massively undeserved.


For if you dig just a few inches under the worldwide annual mortality stats you’ll see some shocking comparisons that beg the question, who has the most to fear – Man or Shark?


Matt Wilkinson Wetsuit Show

December 27th, 2011


The land of love, France, boobs are the inspiration for the European wetsuit.



New York, Matt Wilkinson cashes in with the dollar bill wetsuit.



In San Francisco, peace and love is all around the flower power. 



Wilko debuts his signature wetsuit series with a leopard skin, at Jeffreys Bay.



Sunny Portugal, Wilko helps the local fishermen sell their fresh sardines. Source: SurferToday

Inflatable SUP Board

December 26th, 2011

Naish Mana Air: a SUP in a bag

Naish Mana Air: a SUP in a bag


It had to be marketed. Naish has unveiled Mana Airs, the inflatable and super rigid Stand Up Paddleboards that can fit into a portable bag. Yes, it’s true.


Naish Mana Airs are designed with extra thickness and width for unmatched firmness and stability. They are incredibly stable, durable and compactable for traveling paddlers riding in whitewater, rocky bottom flatwater or surf conditions.


Olympic skier, Resi Stiegler, tested the freedom of being able to carry her Naish Mana Air inflatable SUP board around on her bike at home in Jackson, WY – finding lakes and rivers to cruise on before race season starts in full force.


The Mana Air 6” is hands down the most rigid, stable, performance-oriented inflatable SUP board on market. The Mana Air 4” is for lighter riders and for paddlers needing the transportability of an inflatable board while on a budget. Both the 6” and the 4” come complete with a high-pressure gauge pump and a durable canvas carry case.


In the near future, we will be carrying a surfboard in our pockets. Any doubts? Source: SurferToday

Funboards And Hybrid Surfboards

November 11th, 2011


Degree33 Surfboards


The funboard and hybrid fish surfboard are perfect for the surfer who needs a board to tackle multiple types of waves and conditions. Designed to be wide and thick for stability and ease of paddling but shorter in length for great maneuverability and rocket-like response as you turn up and down the wave.


Both types of surfboards could be called transition boards as they could be used to transition from a longboard to a shortboard. Great for surfers of all levels.

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