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Farewell Bob Biniak

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

A few days ago we lost one of the greatest people to ever step foot on a skateboard. Bob Biniak passed away after he suffered massive cardiac arrest in Jacksonville, Fla.


Biniak was one of the original Z-boys and rode for the Zephyr skateboard team back in the 70’s. His face frequented many issues of Skateboarder magazine and will be remembered for his influence in skateboarding, especially his powerful pool riding and fearless pipe riding. After his stint with Zephyr, Biniak rode for Sims and later Logan Earth Ski. “The Bullet” will be missed!

One Hot Ride

Sunday, February 28th, 2010


This is one hot product that will definitely make your ride sizzle. I’m talking about the TailDevil. Just came across this site that sells an inexpensive skateboard accessory that sticks discreetly on your deck and delivers a nasty blast of sparks when you drag your board’s tail. For around $8 you can really make a hot statement and let the sparks fly. For more please visit:

Surfing On Snow

Sunday, February 28th, 2010
Traction kit

Traction kit
















“Surf the mountain” seems to be the motto of Canadian snowboard company Snowsurf. A truly different type of snowboard company because their chief product essentially enables you to surf on snow. Snowsurf’s unique snowboard traction kit enables you to snowboard without any bindings. Talk about an innovative way to capture the surfboard feeling on snow!


Owned and operated by Nikolai Samson, Snowsurf is essentially a one-man show but you could never guess it by their website, products or customer service. Way to go Nikolai! We at BoardJoy commend you on a job well done. Keep offering us unique snowboard products like the snowboard traction kit and we are sure Snowsurf will continue to thrive.


To “ride the white wave,” please visit:

Boards Sprouted Of Bamboo

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

What do you get when you combine a socially responsible company with environmental awareness? You get Bamboo Sk8. Recently, I had the virtual pleasure of chatting with Geoff Koboldt of Bamboo Sk8. A skateboard company not like most out there because of Bamboo Sk8’s unique product line. As you may have already guessed Bamboo Sk8’s chief product is a skateboard made from 70% to 100% bamboo. Of course the benefits of bamboo are enormous. First, bamboo is entirely sustainable unlike the traditional maple wood that most skateboards are made of. Bamboo is a grass and renews itself readily, and, once cut grows 4 or 5 new shoots thus making it an endless renewable resource. Construction of these bamboo boards are also done using water based glues helping protect the air we all breathe and reducing the amount of VOC’s.


The people at Bamboo Sk8 seem to be doing all the right personal things as well, from helping out the local community by introducing an after school skateboard program to sponsoring various charities including the Action Sports Environmental Coalition, World Wildlife Fund, Musicares, Tony Hawk Foundation and many more. Bamboo Sk8 has even donated decks to a variety of orphanages and charities from India to Brazil to Compton.


So for a truly unique product that performs and is environmentally responsible, look no further than Bamboo Sk8. Check them out here:


PS – The boards look really great too.

Everything Old Is New Again

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

BoardJoy is proud to announce another great addition to it’s old school listings.  Check out our latest vintage surfboard and skateboard products here:  At BoardJoy you’ll always find the newest and coolest vintage board products around.

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