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Chew On This

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010
All organic

All organic

What do you get when you combine an eco-friendly surf product with a business that has a strong sense of community? You get Bubble Gum Surf Wax. What makes Bubble Gum Surf Wax different from other surf wax products is the fact that it is made from organic compounds which means a happier, greener environment. The folks at Bubble Gum came up with a R.O.B. (Rob’s Organic Blend) wax compound named after surf legend Rob Machado. Not only is the surf wax all organic, the packaging is also eco-friendly and made of all recycled paper and soy ink and they ship all their products free! Bubble Gum Surf Wax also is heavily involved with their local community often donating to various schools and surf teams. Bubble Gum seems to be doing all the right things in this day and age. We need more companies like Bubble Gum around. For more, please visit: Tell them BoardJoy sent ya!

Hollow Boards Full Of Character

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010


The ancient Hawaiians surfed on solid wooden core surfboards for thousands of years. It wasn’t until 1926 that swimming champion and inventor Tom Blake invented the hollow core surfboard. It would be this surfboard design that would dominate that shoreline for several decades until the late 1940’s. It has been said that these lighter surfboard designs aided in the evolution of the modern surfboard. As you can imagine these original Tom Blake surfboards are extremely rare and hard to come by. If you are lucky enough to find one in decent shape you can expect to pay a hefty price for one, till now. Vintage Surfboards, located at offers artistic reproductions of Tom Blakes’ early boards constructed of carefully selected hem fir, cedar, pine and redwood. Vintage Surfboards produces four models based on archival research and original specifications. They reproduce the Pointed Tail, Big Wave Pintail, Waikiki Special and The Champion Paddleboard models. I must say from the photos on their website these boards look amazing. If you love the true classic look of an original surfboard then I highly suggest you check out Vintage Surfboards.

Natural Wooden Surfboards

Monday, March 29th, 2010


Located in Japan, Nobby surfboards shapes eco-friendly boards from the fast growing Paulownia tree native to Asia. Nobby has taken the environmentally friendly approach to surfboard shaping by combining sustainable wooden resources along with a natural shaping technique that uses the flexibility of the Paulownia wood which provides natural structural strength to the surfboard and therefore no fiberglass is required in their construction. Because of this technique only a small amount of epoxy resin is required to harden the board thus lowering the amount of VOC’s used in the making of their surfboards. Anytime there is a company out there that crafts environmentally friendly surfboards makes me want to just take a moment to recognize them. Thumbs up from us at BoardJoy. To learn more about these beautiful, amazing, Japanese handcrafted wooden surfboards please visit:

Lincoln Is The Mann

Monday, March 29th, 2010


I had the virtual pleasure of meeting a young talented gentleman named Lincoln Mann from Baltimore, MD a few weeks ago. What makes Lincoln special is his passion for skateboarding coupled with his graphic design ability that sets him apart from the crowd. Ever since he was a young kid he was fascinated with skateboarding and quickly took to the streets to perfect his talents.


Lincoln currently attends college and is studying graphic design and media. Perhaps one day we’ll be riding a deck designed by Lincoln himself. His skating style can best be described as an open book as he readily accepts new challenges and skating options and just lets his body flow and sees where his skating takes him. According to Lincoln, “I’m always open to options and ideas to make my skating better and I like to learn. The more you know the more versatile you are.”


Lincoln also recognizes the benefits of using eco-friendly skateboards. In fact, he is currently sponsored by the BambooSk8 Eco Tribe on, a company that specializes in creating lightweight, strong, earth friendly, sustainable skateboards. To learn more about Lincoln and BambooSk8 please visit:   &

Txt With This Board

Sunday, March 28th, 2010
Skatekeyboard no reboot required

Skatekeyboard no reboot required


No rebooting, blue screen of death or Ctrl + Alt + Del required with this unique skateboard. Introducing the Skatekeyboard! This interesting work of art is the brainchild of artist Tobi Leingriber and will be part of the Skate The Web art exhibit. This board is clearly more art than function, but hey it still looks really cool and I’m sure if you take this board to any skate park you’ll definitely attract a crowd. The bright neon green paint also adds to this boards’ mystique. Way cool!

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