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Tandem Surfing Making A Comeback

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010
This photos reminds me of those 1960s surf movies

This photos reminds me of those 1960s surf movies


Have you ever heard of tandem surfing? Well, imagine a couple of classic ballet dancers, a longboard and waves. There you go. Sometimes, it feels like someone is asking for a ride from the lineup to the beach and, suddenly, a dance happens.


Tandem surfing kicked off in Waikiki, Hawaii, a long time ago when local men would give tourist women a “lift”. Everyone had the opportunity to enjoy the surfing experience.


Bottom turning is quite hard with two surfers aboard. Now, add a girl hoisted up on to his shoulders and imagine the difficulty level.


During the crazy 1960’s, tandem surfing grew a lot. Pete Peterson and Loren Harrison were the first stars of the sport. Contests were held everywhere, from California to Australia. The style has evolved through time. The tricks and moves got inspiration from gymnastics, ice-skating and adagio dance.


In the late 1970’s, tandem surfing almost disappeared and there were no teams and competitions. Rell Sun and Jericho Popler gave it a boost and the Makaha International Contest completed the rebirth.


Meanwhile, the International Tandem Surfing Association (ITSA) was born and the sport took part in the ISA World Championships. There’s a World Tandem Tour (WTT) being held in different countries.


Fortunately, you now have no excuse to be out of a tandem surfing experience, like Ju and Marie, the French team pictured above. Source: SurferToday

Cold Weather Surfing Tips

Monday, November 29th, 2010

As winter approaches for surfers of the Northern Hemisphere, some safety procedures should be taken into consideration. It’s cold, windy, rainy and snowy so you should protect your body for the physical exercise in extreme conditions.


The Irish Surfing Association has published a very clear and useful guide for the winter surfing sessions. Wave fans should have in mind that their health is first and that doesn’t mean they cannot enjoy the quality ocean moments.

Surfing in Alaska can be awesome but take care in the cold

Surfing in Alaska can be awesome but take care in the cold

Here are the main guidelines for winter time surfing:


a) Do not surf alone or enter the water as dusk is approaching or if you have been drinking alcohol.


b) Warm your body before and after surfing. A good hot chocolate or a tea is perfect.


c) Eat foods that are high in carbohydrates. Fruits, breads and energy bars are a good choice.


d) Always let somebody on land know where you have gone and when you will return. Avoid surfing alone.


e) Check the weather and tides before you paddle out. Learn to observe the ocean so you can identify rips, wind changes and other hazards.


f) If you are unfamiliar with a break check with local surfers or other water users before paddling out.


g) Ensure the waves you are surfing are of a size and power suitable to your ability. Do not get too confident. Stick to beaches until you become experienced.


h) Make sure your equipment, especially your leash is in good order. Remember it is much easier to spot a brightly coloured surfboard or wetsuit at sea in the event of you requiring rescuing. Consider other safety equipment_ nose guard and helmet.


i) When you “wipeout” do not come to the surface too soon and when you do come to the surface protect your head with your arms.


j) If you get caught in a rip do not try to paddle against it, paddle across it.


k) If you find yourself in difficulty stay calm, do not discard your board, wave one are in the air and shout to attract attention. Do not panic, help will come. Source: SurferToday

Surfing 26 Hours Straight

Thursday, November 25th, 2010
Imagine being on a surfboard for 26 hours

Imagine being on a surfboard for 26 hours


The Guinness World Records has had thousands of unusual challenges. Bill Laity, 37, added another one to the list. He simply decided to break the record for the longest continuous surf session, in Huntington Beach, from Saturday to Sunday, in stormy sea conditions.


Laity kicked off his attempt at 5am and fought heavy rain, strong winds and choppy waves. For 26 hours, the passionate surfer took his 5′7” shortboard and defyed the weekend swell. “I was stressed. I knew everyone had my back and I didn’t want to let anyone down”, he said.


Bill is a surf-gear reviewer for the online surf retailer Swell, a San Clemente based company. During two months, he prepared the challenge to the detail. The entry form, the city authorization, the wave and wind forecast, the tides and the entire gear.


Wearing a 4/3 wetsuit, Laity surfed for 10 consecutive hours and had a small break. Another 12 hours, a sandwich, water and bananas. At the beach, the Guinness judges were filming and taking their notes.


The problems started to appear during night time. Bill says he had hallucinations imagining shark fins where there were only waves. At 9:26am, Bill Laity completed the 26th hour and got back to the beach. He was tired, but happy.


The Guinness men now will have to confirm the official breaking record. Lifeguard Thomas Cannon is still holding the best result. He surfed for 24 hours in North Carolina, on a longboard. Source: SurferToday

Surf The Perfect Wave

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010
The perfect wave anytime, anywhere is coming soon

The perfect wave anytime, anywhere is coming soon


The website is already on and the details start to emerge. Ten-time world champion Kelly Slater is about to kick off one of the greatest challenges of the surfing world: to create the perfect artificial wave in a controlled environment. “Good quality waves any day is like gold”, says the Floridian surfer in his regular Youtube vidcasts.


The surfer-entrepreneur has already named his company. The Kelly Slater Wave Company will be developing engineering techiques that will allow surfers to “rent” overhead waves for half an hour.


When will we be enjoying these wave pools? There’s not a precise date, but we know Kelly Slater will make it happen sooner than we think. Source: SurferToday

Orca Goes Surfing

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010
This orca surfer looks like a pro

This orca surfer looks like a pro


It seems we’re not alone in the lineup. New Zealand photographer Michael Cunningham has captured the extraordinary still of an orca enjoying a surfing session in Sandy Bay.


While it is common to watch her closest relatives hitting the waves, we had never saw an orca riding waves like this one. Cunningham was actually bodysurfing when the mammal dropped in on him.


The photographer of the Northern Advocate got out of the water and grabbed his camera to tryto register the special moment. In less than one minute, the animal finished his surf training and swam off.


Orcas are mamals also known as killer whales and can be seen in all world oceans. They are highly social and still feature in the U.S. Endangered Species list. Source: SurferToday

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