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Surfing River Waves And Tidal Bores

Thursday, March 31st, 2011
Who needs an ocean around when you can surf a river?

Who needs an ocean around when you can surf a river?


Tidal bores and river waves are always a special moment for the surfing community. For inland surfers, in many cases, it’s a one shot opportunity to ride a long wave of joy.


For surf tourists, it’s a rare and sometimes odd moment. Surfing tidal bores and river waves is possible and can be done safely. Bores only happen in a few places in the world and may only hit your spot once in a year. This particular wave is usually consistent and strong due to the funnel-type effect on the river side. Fortunately, there are incredible good tidal bores in America, Europe and Asia. The phenomenon consists of a tidal moment that creates a wave that travels up against the natural direction of the river. Some towns and villages publicize the exact day and hour to attract all types of visitors.


In the American continent, Canada offers two different waves. The “Habitat 67″, a river wave located in the city of Montreal and Bay of Fundy, a very famous tidal bore located in Nova Scotia. The United States present two great examples that fit every surfer’s dream: Turnagain Arm, in Cook Inlet, and the wave of Pueblo, in the Colorado state.


In Brazil, the Amazon River is especially known for its dangerous tidal bore waves. You’ve probably heard of Pororoca, with its omnivorous “piranhas”.


In Europe, the River Severn is one the best tidal bores for surfing, in the world. Located in England, Severn attracts hundreds of surfers trying to beat the record for the longest wave ride. Also in England, there’s the Trent Aegir bore. Germany holds one of the most famous river waves of the world. The Eisbach experience has also been filmed and published in DVD. It’s the only and best surf spot of the Munich wave riders. France has a very good tidal bore for surfing in the La Gironde River and another inconsistent attempt in the Seine River. Can you imagine catching a wave in Paris?


In Asia, three great tidal bores. The “Black Dragon”, in the Qiantang River, China, has been attracting Western surfers, in the past years. In Indonesia, go for the Kampar Bono experience, while Sri Aman is the option if you visit Malaysia.


Surfing tidal bores can be exciting. Enjoy the endless waves respecting all safety procedures. The best tidal bores and river waves for surfing are:


Montreal (Canada)

Bay of Fundy (Canada)

Turnagain Arm (USA)

Jackson Hole (USA)

Pueblo (USA)

Pororoca (Brazil)

Trent Aegir (England)

River Severn (England)

La Gironde (France)

Seine River (France)

Eisbach (Germany)

Qiantang River (China)

Sri Aman (Malaysia)

Kampar Bono (Indonesia)


Source: SurferToday

“Paving the Wave” Interviews Surf Legends

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011
Nat Young: surfer, writer, icon, champion, etc.

Nat Young: surfer, writer, icon, champion, etc.


Quality and passion are two ingredients for success and more than 300 hours of talks with the most iconic legends in the history of surfing could only mean an outstanding result.


That’s what “Paving the Wave – For The Love Of Surfing” really is. The remarkable documentary directed by Eric Jordan displays the most complete story of the origins and status-quo of surfing and its industry.


The author traveled to Mexico, Hawaii and the USA in search of the surf pioneers and surfing designers, clothing manufacturers, photo journalists, filmmakers, shapers, big wave riders, free and pro surfers that ignited surfing in the 50’s and 60’s. The journey went on from 2003 to 2010.


Jack O’Neill, Bruce Brown, Greg Noll, Nat Young, Bill Wise, Dale Velzy and Hobie Alter are only a few of the dozens of interviews made and edited for “Paving the Wave”. Eric Jordan also gathered more than 1,000 photographs of these surf icons.


There’s fame, money, lifestyle, achievements, waves, surfboards, girls, boys and heroes in “Paving the Wave”, as a true portrait of what surfing really is throughout the world. A cultural phenomenon, a lifestyle, an amazing water sport.


Jack O’Neill recalls the moment when a wetsuit was really needed. “It started out in San Francisco in the early 50’s working with ways to stay warm. It wasn’t the most ideal surfing spot, but that’s where I lived and I was doing a lot of surfing and it was cold. It would drop down below 50 degrees and I would get those ice cream headaches, so I got a girls bathing cap and I had a piece of unicellular foam”. “It didn’t have much tensile strength so I put it underneath my bathing suit, and it just slowly evolved from there. I remember one of the surfers said, ‘O’Neill when the five guys on the beach buy a surfboard or wetsuit you’re going to be out of business’, but the timing was right. Guys like Bruce Brown with their surfing movies kind of spread the word”, said Jack.


“Paving the Wave” is a work in progress. Long after the film is released, on September 1st 2011, Eric Jordan will still interview legends and share important information about this special time in history. For the love of surfing. Source: SurferToday Thank you Eric Jordan for the Nat Young photo.

Awesome Wakeboarding Tricks

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011


This video will surely pump you up and want to make you get out and hit the water. These are some of the best wakeboarding tricks I have ever seen and when watching them being expertly executed with an awesome soundtrack… well you know what I’m getting at. Anyway, enjoy these truly incredible wakeboarding tricks and let me know if you have any similar videos of cool tricks. If so, I’d like to feature them on BoardJoy.

The Evolution Of Surfboard Shaping

Monday, March 28th, 2011
BoardRoom is a must see for anyone interested in surfboard shaping

BoardRoom is a must see for anyone interested in surfboard shaping


BoardRoom is a feature length documentary by German director Markus Davids, SOC, featuring the legends of early surfboard shaping.


A special group of innovative and progressive surfboard manufacturers were looking for a better way to build lighter surfboards, when the common surfboard weighed in at more than 50 pounds. With the invention of polyurethane during the 2nd World War, it became a popular and accessible material for this generation of surfboard shapers who had been using redwood and balsa wood.


The evolution of the surfboard and materials was at hand and surfing was never the same.


This pivotal era was hallmarked by surf movies like “Gidget” and “The Endless Summer” which took surfing to mainstream America. In combination of changing attitudes towards surfing and the evolution of the surfboard, a group of a few thousand surfers erupted in to millions over night.


Director Davids takes us back in time to the early pioneers of modern day surfboard shaping; craftsman and visionary Hobie Alter teamed up with Gordon Clark, and revolutionized the foam materials used for the next half century.


His movie features legends in their own right such as Greg Noll (Riding Giants), Hap Jacobs, Donald Takayama, Larry Gordon (Gordon & Smith), Robert August (The Endless Summer), Dick Brewer, Terry Martin (Hobie), and the list goes on and on. In times when most credit and fame goes to the surfers who ride the boards, BoardRoom pays homage to the men who created the boards and also shaped this industry.


Assisted by cinematographer, Robert Jax, producer Robert Bell, and helmed by his production company CineBags in collaboration with Five6 Productions, Davids has been traveling up and down the west coast of California, and the Hawaiian Islands, capturing the true legends of their craft. More info can be found on Source: SurferToday

Josh Kerr Blasts The 2011 Vans Pier Classic

Friday, March 25th, 2011
Josh Kerr doing what he does best

Josh Kerr doing what he does best


Josh Kerr is shining light at the 2011 Vans Pier Classic, in the beautiful waves of Huntington Beach Pier, California.


The 26-year-old Australian surfer improved his performance and scored an impressive 16.93 out of 20 heat total. Why? The answer is an outstanding backside barrel and combination of lightning-fast turns to continue his form as the top surfer of the event. “I was just stoked to get a barrel but I wanted to get a real good one out there,” Kerr said. “I had to resort to some turns, but I got the scores and got through and I might have to take the rashie off and head down the beach I think. It’s pumping here in Huntington. I think this is by far the best I’ve ever seen Huntington, we’ve scored. It’s a good contest to have entered late in for sure.”


Local hero Micah Byrne, 29, former Vans Pier Classic Champion (2007) proved why he knows the lineup to drop a 7-point ride on his opening wave with several electric backhand blasts on a lefthander breaking into the Pier. The native talent quickly followed up with an 8.33 on his second wave with powerful forehand railwork to take a commanding heat victory. “I was stoked, essentially that’s what you want to do and that time it actually happened for me out there,” Byrne said. “I’m stoked to take the pressure off, especially since it was the first heat, I was really nervous. I’m so happy for all of the competitors though, this is our winter time side of the pier and all of the competitors are stoked. The conditions are insane, we score every year at this event.”


Timmy Curran , 33, is also on fire. “This is the best I’ve ever seen Huntington and the best I’ve ever surfed it,” Curran said. “You just see big old peaks out there and everyone’s getting barreled, I’m just thankful to be here. I actually fell on a few barrels, so I’m frazzled, I’m just thankful that I made the heat.”


Curran, who has launched a successful music career since his retirement from full time competition, is focusing on surfing heats once again and is out to build his seed on the ASP World Ranking via the ASP Star rated events on offer in America this year.


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