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Venezuelan Bodyboarders Dominate

Monday, October 31st, 2011
Bodyboard Pro Festival: sunny Venezuela

Bodyboard Pro Festival: sunny Venezuela


Venezuelan bodyboarders are dominating the 2011 Bodyboard Pro Festival, as competition enters quarterfinals in the Men’s, Women’s and Drop Knee divisions.


Damian King, Alejandro Hernandez, David Mantellini, Leoylan Monasterios, Leonel Marcano, Eder Luciano, Enyer Moncada and Sergio Alonzo are set to battle for the trophy.


Eunate Aguirre is in the hunt for her first world title and is definitely the one to beat in the Women’s event, but she faces a tough heat against Neymara Carvalho and several of the top women riders still in the competition.


Riders are enjoying 3-4 foot waves and some good ramps for aerial spectacle, in Parguito Beach, Venezuela. Source: SurferToday

David Beckham Bodyboarding

Monday, July 25th, 2011
David Beckham: bodyboarding star

David Beckham: bodyboarding star


David Beckham has been enjoying bodyboarding with the family. The British football player is playing for the LA Galaxy team, but he also enjoys the spirit of water sports that made California famous.


The star of the green fields decided to take on the waves of Malibu, in USA. David Beckham hit the water with his boys Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. It seems that the youngsters might have a future in bodyboarding.


Apparently, the footballer wasn’t riding waves with fins, a leash or wetsuit. Beckham decided to relax and enjoy the pleasures of the 1ft inside foam.


Despite the inexperience in the wave riding issues, the British star didn’t lie on the slick of the bodyboard. He chose the correct posture, no doubt, but he will hardly make a career change.


Beckham owns and an estimated fortune of 165 million pounds. Married with Victoria Beckham, he has recently been father of Harper Seven. Source: SurferToday

Bodyboarders Are The Plastic Men Of Modern Surfing

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011
Ben Player doing what he does best

Ben Player doing what he does best


Bodyboarders are the plastic men of modern wave riding. In less than a month, two competitions boosted the image of the sport founded by Tom Morey.


The Zicatela Pro, in Puerto Escondido (Mexico) and the Shark Island Challenge, in Cronulla (Australia) have shown why pro bodyboarding is a very serious venture.


While surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing have found their solid base of loyal sponsors, bodyboarding is still struggling to consolidate its industry and, at the same time, a group of world sponsors for the major competitions. The truth is that pro bodyboarding has evolved a lot, in the last years.


From the athlete’s point of view, bodyboarding has presented tricks and maneuvers than cannot be seen in any other wave sport. These men are made of plastic. And that’s why Terry McKenna and his IBA team are doing an excellent job promoting bodyboarding in many coastal towns and cities.


Bodyboarding has conquered all the respect it deserves from fellow surfers, kitesurfers and windsurfers. Let’s hope plastic men like Ben Player keep us entertained. Source: SurferToday

Bodyboarding Community Disappointed With Nike

Friday, July 8th, 2011

The world bodyboarding community is disappointed with Nike’s latest ad “The Chosen”, where surfing, BMX, skateboarding and snowboarding are presented as the future priorities of the brand in the extreme action sports field.


Karla Costa Taylor: showing why sponsors support her

Karla Costa Taylor: showing why sponsors support her


Bodyboarders believe Nike should have included prone riding in the advertising campaign and in the sponsoring plans. They can’t understand why Pierre Louis Costes gets a sponsorship deal with Nike 6.0 on February 2010 and, one year later, bodyboarding is out of their A-list.


At the same time, boogie riders are frustrated when brands try to make money out of the sport without maintaining a steady support to athletes and contests.


The IBA World Tour has been revamped for good. There were plenty of management and logistic upgrades. The wave spots are carefully selected, there’s live online broadcast and the prize money is appealing.


Riptide Magazine has also underlined a quote from Blogosurf’s Guillaume. “They probably think bodyboarders are surfers who can’t stand up on a board, which is wrong. Hence the necessity of media to promote bodyboarding, through its major athletes and the massive slabs that can only be ridden with a bodyboard”.


The best bodyboarders in the world also believe that the International Surfing Association (ISA) should promote their sport more than it actually does. That would be a way of sticking sponsors for a longer period of time with competitors and world tour organizers.


Meanwhile, bodyboarding won’t be part of “The Chosen”, Nike’s greatest adventure into extreme water sports. What will windsurfers and kitesurfers think of it? Source: SurferToday

What Is A Bodyboard Stringer?

Friday, June 24th, 2011

When Tom Morey invented the modern bodyboard, stringers were not a priority. In the evolution of bodyboarding many add-ons have been introduced to get better rides, carves and quality in aerial landing.


What can a bodyboard stringer do for performance?

What can a bodyboard stringer do for performance?


In the last ten years, the bodyboard shapers developed stringers as a core part of a bodyboard construction. Stringers are seen as the spine that reduce deformation and keep the board intact when forced to major pressures.


That’s why, in the beginning, a single stringer was added in the center of the bodyboard. The first units were even homemade in PVC or pipe and inserted by amateur riders themselves. Of course, by doing so, water invaded the custom made channel and, in a matter of months, the bodyboard was rotten.


The bodyboard industry bettered the concept and tested two stringers placed symmetrically. The leash plug had to be moved a few inches, but the new functionality delivered great results and a stoked feedback from the best pro bodyboarders.


It’s easy to feel that stringers add speed, for example, in bottom turns. Finally, some brands decide to market a tri-stringer bodyboard. Rheopaipo opted for its Interchangeable Stringer System, letting costumers decide and replace stiff or soft stringers depending on the wave conditions.


Let’s nof forget that, in 1983, Turbo bodyboards provided an alternative to the Morey Boogie dominance: a stiff board that could be custom tailored to suit your riding preferences. Great idea, at the time.


Today, bodyboard stringers are mainly built of carbon, graphite and even fiberglass. If you’ve never seen a stringer, watch it below. Source: SurferToday

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