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Inflatable SUP Board

Monday, December 26th, 2011
Naish Mana Air: a SUP in a bag

Naish Mana Air: a SUP in a bag


It had to be marketed. Naish has unveiled Mana Airs, the inflatable and super rigid Stand Up Paddleboards that can fit into a portable bag. Yes, it’s true.


Naish Mana Airs are designed with extra thickness and width for unmatched firmness and stability. They are incredibly stable, durable and compactable for traveling paddlers riding in whitewater, rocky bottom flatwater or surf conditions.


Olympic skier, Resi Stiegler, tested the freedom of being able to carry her Naish Mana Air inflatable SUP board around on her bike at home in Jackson, WY – finding lakes and rivers to cruise on before race season starts in full force.


The Mana Air 6” is hands down the most rigid, stable, performance-oriented inflatable SUP board on market. The Mana Air 4” is for lighter riders and for paddlers needing the transportability of an inflatable board while on a budget. Both the 6” and the 4” come complete with a high-pressure gauge pump and a durable canvas carry case.


In the near future, we will be carrying a surfboard in our pockets. Any doubts? Source: SurferToday

Kiteboarding Center Opens In Grenadines

Saturday, October 1st, 2011
Grenadines: lovely place for kiteboarding

Grenadines: lovely place for kiteboarding


Jeremie Tronet, Linn Svendsen and Nicolas Bascunana Dulac have opened the JT Pro Kiteboarding Center in Union Island, in the Grenadines archipelago, lower Caribbean.


“We want to share our lifestyle in the Caribbean with everybody”, explains says Jeremie. The playground, as Jeremie likes to call Union Island, has everything you can dream of to spend an amazing holiday, whether you want to learn kitesurfing, become better at it, surf or simply relax.


The JT Pro Center is located on Clifton Beach, 200 meters from the beach bungalow. The amazing transparent lagoon makes it a perfect spot to learn in perfect conditions from December until the end of June. There are also a few waves for surfing or playing around in on the outer reef.


For all the wakeboarding enthusiasts, a kicker and slider will be built during the season. Associated with Ocean Rodeo, the JT Pro Center will also be an international Ocean Rodeo test center with all the 2012 gear available to test.


The JT Pro Center on Union island is the first of a series of key kiteboarding spots that are planned for the following years. Source: SurferToday

European Kiteboarders Cross The Bering Strait

Friday, August 19th, 2011
The Bering Strait Expedition: no fear

The Bering Strait Expedition: no fear


Constantin Bisanz, Geza and Andre Scholtz have successfuly kite crossed the Bering Strait, between Russia and Alaska, in record time.


The Austrian and the two Swiss brothers prepared the adventure in the last two years and completed the 70-kilometre journey in harsh cold conditions. The Bering Strait Expedition reached an average speed of 40 km/h.


Despite the currents, the gusty winds and the five-metre-high waves, the European kiteboarding team touched Alaska safely.


“When we started our third attempt the conditions worked perfectly for us, but as usual in the Bering Strait the weather changed from one extreme to the other just in seconds. To heavy fog, waves, super gusty winds and currents from three different directions”, they tell.


Bisanz, Geza and Andre Scholtz have had the support of a crew of seven men in two boats to ensure the kiteboarders’ safety.


“For sure we will never forget this trip”. Source: SurferToday

Kiteboarder Maciek Kozierski Walks On Water

Thursday, July 28th, 2011
Maciek Kozierski: liquid walker

Maciek Kozierski: liquid walker


As one of the world’s best kite surfers, Maciek Kozierski has long had a vision of himself walking on water, and where better to achieve such a feat than on the Sea of Galilee.


Together with a team that included six-time Israeli wakeboard champion Lior Eliyahu, he spent four days on the project codenamed Miracle, after the feat which was carried out by Jesus in the Bible’s New Testament.


For Kozierski, it was a matter of honour that he was able to achieve this modern-day miracle without tricks or any technical assistance.


They spent four full days on the water directly in front of the world-famous church at Capernaum. The plan: Kozierski would use his kite to accelerate to maximum speed, then step off the board, release the kite and walk on water. Easier said than done!


The main difficulties were that when the wind was strong the waves were too high and when the surface was calm there was not enough wind.


The 26-year-old athlete from Warsaw crashed hard into the water at high speed more than 50 times and had to repeat the whole attempt time and time again…


On the fourth day they finally accomplished the feat and got the perfect shot: Maciek Kozierski walking on water and in the background is the historic church. “We did it without any tricks or smoke and mirrors,” he said proudly. Source: SurferToday

Kiteboarders Cross Bering Strait

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Eugene Novožeev and Konstantin Aksyonov have successfuly kite crossed the Bering Strait. The Russians kiteboarders are the first riders to complete this mission, after several attempts from other wind challengers.


Konstantin Aksyonov: clearly not kiteboarding in the Bering Strait

Konstantin Aksyonov: clearly not kiteboarding in the Bering Strait


The cross of the Bering Strait is a 96-kilometre (56 miles) adventure. Novožeev, four-time Russian kiteboarding champion, and Aksyonov kicked off from Chukotka, in Russia and arrived in Alaska.


The kite mission is full of challenges. Winds, currents, tides, ships, cold temperatures and swell make it harder to get from one coast to the other.


Maurice Lacroix, a French kiteboarders, had already tried to complete the trip but he missed it. Troy Henkels and Geza Sholtz have plans to do it this summer.


In 1998, Russian adventurer Dmitry Shparo and his son Matvey made the first known modern crossing of the frozen Bering Strait on skis. Suggestions have been made for the construction of a bridge, the Bering Strait bridge, between Alaska and Siberia. Source: SurferToday

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