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The Importance Of Sustainable Surfing

Friday, August 26th, 2011
Surfing: our sport must respect Nature

Surfing: our sport must respect Nature


The planet is facing ever increasing environmental pressures, not least when it comes down to our oceans. From sewage pollution to marine litter, coastal development to climate change, as a group of like-minded individuals we are all often faced with these issues first-hand when using our precious chosen beaches.


Surfers Against Sewage brings us all together as people who love, enjoy and use the sea, not to mention those who are perhaps the most inclined to do something to help protect our coastal areas, in fact any area, from environmental damage. But what is the big picture and how can we adapt our lifestyles to make a positive difference no matter how small?


The Sustainable Guide to Surfing is a thought-provoking, challenging and sometimes bleak assessment of the challenges that face our environment and how we, as surfers, contribute to them. But it also outlines how well-placed the surfing community is to influence positive action to tackle these issues and influence the masses to adopt an increasingly sustainable way of living.


Download a PDF of the report, here.


The act of surfing itself is extremely low impact. We use a natural, renewable energy wave. We can carry on surfing without adversely impacting the environment. But we need to check our associated lifestyle around surfing to ensure we can enjoy clean waves tomorrow and beyond.


The guide identifies a basic call to arms for surfers, one that harks back to the maverick, pioneer spirit that so often set apart surfers as a resourceful group of individuals intent on getting away from the mainstream and defining themselves in their own terms. Source: SurferToday

Recycled Beer Can Surfboard

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

A recycled beer can surfboard that actually can be used to enjoy the pleasure of riding waves. When Richard Quinn Morrison started out the “Enviro Surf Art Series” concept, he never thought how far he would go.


That’s why this 6′2″ Fish beer channeled bottom surfboard is so unique. The surf artist survived a car crash and returned to creation with a “new creative hunger and vision to push the boundaries of what he thinks is art and what is not”.


Recycled beer can surfboard

Recycled beer can surfboard



Morrison uses the most unthinkable techniques to create strange, innovative and stunning artwork. At the same time, he surfs his waves in sunny California.


Empty beer cans are useless, but when “embedded” in a surfboard they get a total new vision. At the same time, they invite you to enjoy and share a laugh with your surf friends right after a nice surf session.


The sculpture uses two wood stringers and quite a few beer cans (72!), from six brands, collected by friends at a local bar. Then, FCS fins are added and surf’s up. The recycled beer can surfboard will be tested in real surfing scenario, in the next weeks.


Remember a basic rule: don’t drink while surfing or you’ll be fined. Source: SurferToday

South Pacific Kiteboat Crossing

Thursday, March 10th, 2011
This kiteboat journey is really interesting. Check out her blog.

This kiteboat journey is really interesting. Check out her blog.


Anne Quéméré has kicked off the kiteboat crossing of the South Pacific, from Peru to Papeete (French Polynesia).


The French sailor will travel alone and without assistance about 4,200 nautical miles (7778 km). Quéméré will be trying it for the second time, after she was forced to quit the journey in 2008, after spending 40 days at sea.


Anne has departed on 3rd March, at 3am. She is expected to reach Papeete in in two months to two and a half months. Reliable, light and rapid, the kiteboat prototype was designed by Marc Ginisty, a naval architect.


The sailing craft is six metres long and 1.9 metres wide and the hull net weight is of 80 kilograms. Four solar panels, fore and aft, will recharge the battery, operate the GPS, the satellite phone, the computer and the watermaker.


Quéméré carries 30 kg of foodstuff, required for the 8-to-10 week journey, mainly of the freeze dried variety. She will have five meals and snacks during each day.


You can follow Anne Quéméré’s challenge, here. Source: SurferToday

Surfboard Made Of Beach Trash

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011


The most eco-friendly surfboard around

The most eco-friendly surfboard around


A surfboard made of beach trash. This unbelievable business idea is “owned” by Kevin Cunningham, surfer and founder of Spirare Surfboards, an environmentally-friendly surf company.


“Spirare Sustainable Surf Craft” is the project that transforms debris into objects of design. That is, a beautiful surfboard. But how did he do it? Kevin Cunningham recycles plastic and glass and reuses it in the skin of the surfboard. Also, plastic bottles are cut up and reassembled into fins.


The first limited series of recycled surfboards will be featured in galleries around USA and then 100 will be sold as custom orders.


The project needs your support. Let’s take the debris out of our ocean and protect what we love most: waves and oceans. Remember that in a foam board with a wooden stringer only 3-4% is renewable material.


Take a look at Spirare Surfboards’ website and get in touch with Kevin Cunningham. Backers of the project will receive priority status for any custom surfboard order. Source: SurferToday

Skateboard Cabinets

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Creative genius is the only way to describe these amazing cabinets made from discarded skateboard decks. These functional works of art are the brainchild of Michel Poulin, a master cabinetmaker that creates beautiful artistic cabinets.

Michel’s inspiration for creating “skateboard cabinets” came from his passion for skateboarding in the mid 80’s where he first discovered it on the streets of Montreal. Immersing himself into the skateboard culture, Michel melded his two passions and launched Skart Designs. The essence of Skart Designs, according to Michel, is the blending of artistic inspiration with the skateboard culture. Of course, I like Skart Designs because of their eco-friendly practice of re-using discarded skateboard decks. All of us here at BoardJoy love to highlight companies that are unique and eco-friendly. To learn more about these amazing skateboard cabinets please visit:



 Wall mounted cabinet with beautiful veneer finish.



 Bamboo and birch wall cabinet. A real beauty.



You can really appreciate the workmanship that has gone into each cabinet.

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