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Recycled Beer Can Surfboard

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

A recycled beer can surfboard that actually can be used to enjoy the pleasure of riding waves. When Richard Quinn Morrison started out the “Enviro Surf Art Series” concept, he never thought how far he would go.


That’s why this 6′2″ Fish beer channeled bottom surfboard is so unique. The surf artist survived a car crash and returned to creation with a “new creative hunger and vision to push the boundaries of what he thinks is art and what is not”.


Recycled beer can surfboard

Recycled beer can surfboard



Morrison uses the most unthinkable techniques to create strange, innovative and stunning artwork. At the same time, he surfs his waves in sunny California.


Empty beer cans are useless, but when “embedded” in a surfboard they get a total new vision. At the same time, they invite you to enjoy and share a laugh with your surf friends right after a nice surf session.


The sculpture uses two wood stringers and quite a few beer cans (72!), from six brands, collected by friends at a local bar. Then, FCS fins are added and surf’s up. The recycled beer can surfboard will be tested in real surfing scenario, in the next weeks.


Remember a basic rule: don’t drink while surfing or you’ll be fined. Source: SurferToday

Wakeboard Paintings

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010


You know I just love to feature new and innovative ways of reusing old boards. Whether it’s an old skateboard deck turned furniture piece or old surfboard turned work of art. Today, I’m taking a look at something slightly different. Wakeboard art! Now, I know it’s not exactly a reuse of old wakeboards, but these painting nonetheless capture a certain essence that only wakeboarding has. For instance, Luke Mahaney’s painting reflects the true fun spirit of wakeboarding in a lighthearted manner. I personally would love to have any of these paintings up in my home. To see the complete list of artworks please visit: StokeCity

Exit Eden Skateboard

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Skateboard art is definitely becoming more than just an offbeat trend. Today there exists a real movement among artists and environmentalists to use old skateboard decks as a medium to paint on. Artists from around the globe have been heeding this call and have been creating some amazing paintings as well as sculptures from these discarded boards.


Eden skateboard

Eden skateboard


I recently came across this beautiful skateboard painting created by James Jean for the 15th anniversary of Giant Robot Magazine. It’s a tribute to Adam and Eve painted in a beautiful, light and fluid manner. According to Jean, “Skating has always seemed to me a courageous activity, and what is courage but an absence of shame. Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden, pitiful in their nakedness, shameful in their new knowledge. However, the rise of science made man and nature transparent, naked again under a microscope and scalpel. We adorn ourselves with knowledge, hiding our private selves under a crimson web, until a bad fall shreds it to the bone.” That’s pretty deep. To learn more about this amazing artist please visit:

These Boards Are Maui Wowi

Friday, April 16th, 2010

What do you get when you combine true fine art with amazing longboard expertise? You get Maui Longboards. It doesn’t take long to see what makes Maui Longboards different from other surfboards. They are one of the only surfboard manufacturers that feature fine art printed right on the board. Their surfboards highlight innovative materials that allow them to print archival quality images on the front and back of their surfboards. The boards feature edge to edge graphics on both sides of the surfboard for a seamless work of art. Essentially what Maui Longboards does is bring the artists to the surfboard. But Maui does not stop there. They have taken their unique art inlays to skateboards and even snowboards (coming soon).



Maui Longboards also takes a responsible eco-friendly approach with their business. They do this by promoting environmental awareness, having a commitment to artist inspired designs and innovation and by reaching out to today’s youth. By doing these things customers and casual browsers of their boards become more aware about eco-friendly surfboard manufacturing processes as well as Maui’s impact on the local artist community by featuring their artwork on their boards giving the artists much needed exposure. One other innovative practice Maui employs is the use of lava sand for their skateboards’ griptape. What a smart idea taking green to another level!


Maui Longboards, “Striving to Keep the Oceans Clean and the Earth Green.” To learn more about these boards please visit:

Solid As A Rock

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Now here is something interesting I came across recently. Just when I thought I have seen it all, along comes a skateboard made entirely of cement. I seriously doubt anyone will be catching any air with this board, but it still looks way cool. The cement board is the creation of Drew West of Real Concrete Design. The board called, “Irony,” was created for the PUSH art show and auction in Bend, Oregon. Sure would love to have that board listed on BoardJoy. It definitely is a unique board that I’m sure most people have never seen before. To learn more about PUSH and Real Concrete Design please visit  &

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