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David Beckham Bodyboarding

Monday, July 25th, 2011
David Beckham: bodyboarding star

David Beckham: bodyboarding star


David Beckham has been enjoying bodyboarding with the family. The British football player is playing for the LA Galaxy team, but he also enjoys the spirit of water sports that made California famous.


The star of the green fields decided to take on the waves of Malibu, in USA. David Beckham hit the water with his boys Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. It seems that the youngsters might have a future in bodyboarding.


Apparently, the footballer wasn’t riding waves with fins, a leash or wetsuit. Beckham decided to relax and enjoy the pleasures of the 1ft inside foam.


Despite the inexperience in the wave riding issues, the British star didn’t lie on the slick of the bodyboard. He chose the correct posture, no doubt, but he will hardly make a career change.


Beckham owns and an estimated fortune of 165 million pounds. Married with Victoria Beckham, he has recently been father of Harper Seven. Source: SurferToday

Bodyboarding Movie Explores The Coldest European Waves

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

“The Viking” is considered the most ambitious bodyboarding movie ever filmed. The highly anticipated film trailer is already available here and the European premiere will take place in Capbreton, France, on the 8th May.


The movies tells the story and adventures of the Zion team while surfing incredible waves in England, Ireland, Scotland, France and even Iceland. Ryan Mattick and James Kates have edited the entire film and will showcase it on the giant screen of the Rio Cinema.


“The Viking” is the result of a 100-day extreme bodyboarding experience in Northern Europe, with six experienced bodyboarders. In Iceland, the riders spent hours on hard ice roads and lost their minds several times.

The Viking: Cold wave bodyboarding at its finest

The Viking: Cold wave bodyboarding at its finest


Riding the coldest corners of the Earth was one of the goals in search of an icy utopia. The journey of discovery and plunder leaves no stone unturned and no wave unmolested.


Chris James, Jason Finlay, Sam Bennett, James Cakes, Thomas Robinson and Koots’ explorations will be available in DVD. Source: SurferToday

Wave Sports Battle For Olympic Games

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Every sport dreams of securing an eternal place in the Olympic Games. The action sports never quite had the chance to stay for two consecutive events. There is only one exception. There are four mainstream ocean wave sports: surfing, kiteboarding, windsurfing and bodyboarding.


Windsurfing was the one and only to get there. In 1984, the individual sailing sport conquered the golden place in the Summer Olympic Games, held in Los Angeles, USA. The Neil Pryde RS:X is the current Olympic windsurfing class. But, the question remains? Who’s next? The race is quite tight, at the moment.


Surfing has been lobbying for so long, but never finished the deal. The ISA’s top executive works very hard to get it right, but fate is always changing the last minute hopes. Rio de Janeiro 2016 is a great opportunity. Let’s see if surfing finishes the wave properly. And, yes, kiteboarders have worked quickly and in an efficient way. IKA has Richard Branson back supporting the class and the power of ISAF to help kiteboarding reach its desire.


In the last place of the race, we have bodyboarding. The sport is very popular throughout the world, but never really “wanted” it. Why shouldn’t IBA give it a try? Source:

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