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Grandmother Of Wakeboard Update

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

This is an amazing update from a blog post we did a while back featuring Linda Brown herself.

Hi I’m Linda Brown Guinness Oldest Wakeboard Competiter in the World. It has been five year’s and I would like to post a update on my Wakeboad status for the last five year’s. Still going at it with a little interruption of Mono for the last 6 months and clean up surgery on a knee replacement from my wonderful knee Doc at age 68. My plan is to be back in action next Summer and ready to Rock it again. In two year’s if everything goes well I plan to up my record to 70 year’s of age “God willing” Here are some pictures through the year’s leading up to where I’m as of Nov 2013.

Notable competition results:

Common Wealth Of Virginia Games 1st Place Women’s Open

Indian Point S.M.L. Women’s Open 2nd Place

Venezuelan Bodyboarders Dominate

Monday, October 31st, 2011
Bodyboard Pro Festival: sunny Venezuela

Bodyboard Pro Festival: sunny Venezuela


Venezuelan bodyboarders are dominating the 2011 Bodyboard Pro Festival, as competition enters quarterfinals in the Men’s, Women’s and Drop Knee divisions.


Damian King, Alejandro Hernandez, David Mantellini, Leoylan Monasterios, Leonel Marcano, Eder Luciano, Enyer Moncada and Sergio Alonzo are set to battle for the trophy.


Eunate Aguirre is in the hunt for her first world title and is definitely the one to beat in the Women’s event, but she faces a tough heat against Neymara Carvalho and several of the top women riders still in the competition.


Riders are enjoying 3-4 foot waves and some good ramps for aerial spectacle, in Parguito Beach, Venezuela. Source: SurferToday

Best US Bodyboarders Kick Off 2011 Season

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

The 2011 Ocean Current USBA National Championship Tour is ready to kick off. The best bodyboarders in USA will be riding the first waves of the season, between June 3rd and 5th, at the Huntington Beach Pier.


Big crowds at the Huntington Beach pier

Big crowds at the Huntington Beach pier


The event number one will attract the cream of world bodyboarding and with a good run of south swell heading to California – formed from a low pressure system off of south America – the first two days of competition should be held in amazing surf for the traveling pro athletes.


The Sport Chalet US Open of Bodyboarding will be holding its USBA rider meet and greet at the Huntington Beach Sport Chalet, on June 2nd. Everyone is invited to come and meet their favorite riders on the USBA Tour.


In addition, this will double as the rider check in for all amateur and pro riders hoping to compete at this weekend’s event.


Fresh off the plane from the IBA World Tour competition in Chile, riders’ list include the Hubbard brothers – Jeff and Dave – Jacob Romero, as well as the recent Arica Chilean Challenge winner and six-time world champion, Guilherme Tâmega.


Claudia Ferrari, USBA Women’s US champion will also check in at the Huntington Beach Pier. Live action will be available through Source: SurferToday

Josh Kerr Blasts The 2011 Vans Pier Classic

Friday, March 25th, 2011
Josh Kerr doing what he does best

Josh Kerr doing what he does best


Josh Kerr is shining light at the 2011 Vans Pier Classic, in the beautiful waves of Huntington Beach Pier, California.


The 26-year-old Australian surfer improved his performance and scored an impressive 16.93 out of 20 heat total. Why? The answer is an outstanding backside barrel and combination of lightning-fast turns to continue his form as the top surfer of the event. “I was just stoked to get a barrel but I wanted to get a real good one out there,” Kerr said. “I had to resort to some turns, but I got the scores and got through and I might have to take the rashie off and head down the beach I think. It’s pumping here in Huntington. I think this is by far the best I’ve ever seen Huntington, we’ve scored. It’s a good contest to have entered late in for sure.”


Local hero Micah Byrne, 29, former Vans Pier Classic Champion (2007) proved why he knows the lineup to drop a 7-point ride on his opening wave with several electric backhand blasts on a lefthander breaking into the Pier. The native talent quickly followed up with an 8.33 on his second wave with powerful forehand railwork to take a commanding heat victory. “I was stoked, essentially that’s what you want to do and that time it actually happened for me out there,” Byrne said. “I’m stoked to take the pressure off, especially since it was the first heat, I was really nervous. I’m so happy for all of the competitors though, this is our winter time side of the pier and all of the competitors are stoked. The conditions are insane, we score every year at this event.”


Timmy Curran , 33, is also on fire. “This is the best I’ve ever seen Huntington and the best I’ve ever surfed it,” Curran said. “You just see big old peaks out there and everyone’s getting barreled, I’m just thankful to be here. I actually fell on a few barrels, so I’m frazzled, I’m just thankful that I made the heat.”


Curran, who has launched a successful music career since his retirement from full time competition, is focusing on surfing heats once again and is out to build his seed on the ASP World Ranking via the ASP Star rated events on offer in America this year.


For complete results click here.

Old School Tandem Surfing Contest

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010


Tandem surfing was all the rage back in the 1960s. The Hawaiian and California surf scene was all about getting two people on one surfboard. Many Hollywood movies were made during that decade highlighting the popularity of the sport. Fast-forward a decade or two and tandem surfing all but fell out of the spotlight. Well, today it is making a strong comeback with new competitions sprouting up all the time. Enjoy this old school video of the 1966 Makaha Tandem Surfing Contest. You just have to love old school surf videos!

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