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Erica Hosseini: The Stunt Surfer Girl

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011
Erica Hosseini: the stunt surfer

Erica Hosseini: the stunt surfer


Erica Hosseini enjoys a great life. She’s a model and surfer raised in Newport Beach, California. Recently, the pretty girl born in 1987 has been doing acting as stunt double for “Ivy” (Gillian Amalia Zinser) on the Beverly Hills 90210 TV Series.


Hosseini loves the Southern California beaches and has collected several NSSA and Volcom titles in her career. had the opportunity to exchange a few words with Erica Hosseini about the stunt surfing work. How does it work? Is it all about beach life? Let’s hear what she has to say:


Does physical resemblance play a major role in choosing a surf stunt?


Absolutely. The main reason I am a stunt double for “Ivy” on 90210 is because I have the same look. Blonde, tall, similar body and I can reusable that and make it look like she is actually the one surfing, so I think it’s extremely important.


What did you have to change (hair, skin tone, weight, etc) to play Ivy in the waves?



Erica Hosseini has the surfer look

Erica Hosseini has the surfer look



How is it filmed in order to “cover” the original surfer?


Depends on the shot. If it’s a surfing shot, nothing is changed because it’s usually filmed far enough away to not notice. But if that do a close up, I usually have to look away from the camera as it follows me or paddle with my head slightly down so it’s no super obvious that it’s not ‘Ivy’.


What are the major challenges of working as a surf stunt?


I think it’s a blast. There are really no challenges. You hang out at the beach all day and get catered the most delicious food. Get your own trailer to hang out in during the down time and take a nap, chill with the other stunt surfers which are usually my friends anyways. Then, we usually end the day with some Jose Cuervo Margaritas. It’s pretty much the ultimate job with no challenges.


How big was the greatest wave you’ve ever ridden?


I’m not crazy about big waves. Growing up in Newport, it’s usually only about 2-5 ft. But, in Australia, I’ve taken off on some 12-13 foots waves. It’s pretty scary and it’s just so out of my comfort zone.


Have you met Ivy? Could you teach her how to surf?


I have met Ivy. She is very nice and outgoing. I’m sure I could teach her if she wanted to learn.


Are you available to future surf stunts?



Surfer Girls Show Off In New Movie

Thursday, April 21st, 2011
"Leave a Message", the new surf movie from Nike 6.0

"Leave a Message", the new surf movie from Nike 6.0


Carissa Moore, Lakey Peterson, Laura Enever, Coco Ho, Monyca Byrne-Wickey and Malia Manuel are the stars of “Leave a Message”, the new surf movie from Nike 6.0.


The surf film is dedicated to all surfer girls and presents the hottest female surfing outside of the competition circuit. These pro riders will show off their progressive attitude in the lineup. Groundbreaking aerials and long barrels are common in “Leave a Message”. The surf movie will be fully downloadable on the 24th May 2011.


These girls have talent and prove how much they have evolved in the last years, comparing to men. The new generation of surfer women is preparing a revolution in the sport.



“I’m surrounded by surfing all day, every day and I see a lot of great riders. But what these girls are doing has to be seen to be believed,” says Jason Kenworthy, movie director and Nike 6.0’s surf team photographer. Shot over two years at the world’s hottest surf locations including Australia, California, Hawaii and Mexico, the girls show grace and strength in the water elevating women’s surfing to fantastic new heights.


Nike 6.0 is increasing its support to surfing, in the last couple of years. For the most complete surf movie database, click here. Source: SurferToday

Kiteboarder Beats Ferry Boat

Monday, September 6th, 2010
Gisela Pulido: Faster than a ferry boat

Gisela Pulido: Faster than a ferry boat


The 16-year-old Gisela Pulido has successfuly beaten a 40,000 horsepower ferry boat, linking Tarifa to Tangier. The six-time world kiteboarding champion has fulfilled one of her dreams.


Pulido challenged the Jet Ferry Tarifa FRS and won. The pro kiteboarder managed to complete the journey, linking Spain to Morocco, in 35 minutes.


Gisela Pulido lives in Tarifa and has been competing in the 2010 PKRA Tour. Source:

Kiteboarding Models Make Calendar Run

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010
Pretty kiteboarding calendar girls

Pretty kiteboarding calendar girls


Three winners of the Best Kiteboarding 2011 Best Girls Calendar model search will have the opportunity to hone their skills or to learn how to kiteboard with 9x world champion Kristin Boese. Best Kiteboarding and KB4girls are reaching out to all women and girls: current kitesurfers and whoever wants to take up the sport. Now is your chance! If you don’t currently kiteboard you can use your looks to break into the sport of kiteboarding.


Three winners will be chosen to win a professional photo shoot with renowned fashion photographer Michael Williams. The shoot will take place in the fall during the Annual Best Fest, a five day celebration in Brazil, featuring the launch of the new BEST product lineup and demos by the International Team of pro riders. In order to compete girls must apply online at between June 15th and August 15th with their pictures and a brief statement of no more than 50 words, in English, describing why they should win. Best Kiteboarding is looking for contestants who can capture the spirit of their brand by demonstrating athleticism, commitment to a healthy outdoor lifestyle, and natural beauty.


The photos must include ONE headshot and ONE full body shot of her in a swimsuit. She may submit up to, but no more than, FOUR additional photos of herself as well. If a third party submits photographs on behalf of the person who is chosen as the winner, with her written permission, he or she will earn a free trip to accompany the winner to Brazil and Best Fest. Good luck! Source:

All Girls Surf Showdown

Sunday, June 13th, 2010
Dimity Stoyle awesome performance

Dimity Stoyle awesome performance


The 18th annual All Girls Surf Showdown enjoyed great waves at Lennox Head today. This is the biggest All Girl event in Australia and the finals day standard highlighted the strength of girls surfing in Australia.


The blue ribbon Southern Cross Credit Union Open Pro division saw a high quality field attack the final and the result went right down to the final two minutes when Sunshine Coast Queensland surfer Dimity Stoyle found the days highest scoring ride posting an outstanding 9.0 score to take a narrow victory over Cabarita’s Airini Mason (NSW). “I knew I required a great score on that final ride and the wave lined up really well and I sort of threw caution to the wind, went for some big moves and stuck them – I felt good when I finished the ride and even better when I realized that wave won the final for me” said an elated Stoyle after her win.


Stoyle picked up a handy $1000 for her win and she’ll shortly resume her competitive season travelling to South Australia for the Fantastic Noodles Pro Junior in July. “It’s a fantastic event here at Lennox Head, the waves have been great and the standard of girls surfing all weekend has been amazing” added Stoyle.


The two other Pro divisions saw wins to 18 year old Newcastle surfer Phillipa Anderson who defeated Kirby Wright in the Freeform Junior Pro while local Ballina surfer Melissa Combo surfed with superb style and confidence to win the All Girls Surfriders Club Longboard Pro final defeating Kirsty Webster (Banora Point). Local Byron and Ballina surfers Jenny Boggis and Melissa Combo were a popular winners in the over 28 division and the Longboard Pro division respectively and both picked up good prize money for their success.


Dimity Stoyle joined a list of great winners of this prestigious event which include Stephanie Gilmore, Samantha Cornish, Sally Fitzgibbons and Tyler Wright and all who witnessed the surfing at this event throughout the weekend agreed, Women’s surfing in Australia will remain strong in the immediate years ahead! Source:

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