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Grandmother Of Wakeboard Update

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

This is an amazing update from a blog post we did a while back featuring Linda Brown herself.

Hi I’m Linda Brown Guinness Oldest Wakeboard Competiter in the World. It has been five year’s and I would like to post a update on my Wakeboad status for the last five year’s. Still going at it with a little interruption of Mono for the last 6 months and clean up surgery on a knee replacement from my wonderful knee Doc at age 68. My plan is to be back in action next Summer and ready to Rock it again. In two year’s if everything goes well I plan to up my record to 70 year’s of age “God willing” Here are some pictures through the year’s leading up to where I’m as of Nov 2013.

Notable competition results:

Common Wealth Of Virginia Games 1st Place Women’s Open

Indian Point S.M.L. Women’s Open 2nd Place

Surfing A 41.3 Mile Wave

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011
Surfing a static wave is not as easy as it looks

Surfing a static wave is not as easy as it looks


Gary Saavedra has entered the Guinness Book of World Records. The surfer from Panama surfed for three hours and 55 minutes in 41.3-mile wave created by a power boat. Saavedra, the 13-time national Panamanian surfing champion, had been training hard for the “Red Bull Canal Cross” challenge.


The weather conditions were pretty tough. The surfer had to battle 20-knot winds and large vessels that were making the water conditions unstable for riding the artificial wave. Saavedra almost fell and lost his wave ten times. He reached his goal by arriving at the the Amador Causeway, in the southern entrance of the Panama Canal, where more than 30 supporters cheered him.




Surfing a static wave is not easy and can be pretty exhausting. The previous world record was held by Steve King, from the UK, who surfed this type of wave for one hour and six minutes.


Gary Saavedra is the best surfer in the history of Panama. He was born in Chitre, in the region of Herrera. His home spot is Bocas, in Cambutal. Source: SurferToday

Kiteboarders Will Attempt Guinness World Record

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011
Another kiteboarding record to be attempted in Maui

Another kiteboarding record to be attempted in Maui


World kitesurfers have been called for a challenging record attempt. “Kitesurfers United Maui 2012″ will be trying to set a Guinness World Record. The idea is simple.


Maui is an ideal kitesurfing spot with steady winds, calm water and warm temperatures. The organization is aiming to setup the largest kiteboarding event ever held, in order to assist the IKA’s Olympic commission in their effort to get Kitesurfing into the Olympics.


The initial plan is to cross over to neighbouring island (Molokai, Oahu), but this will be finalized in December when registration closes. Other options include: going into the open ocean with each and every kiter to circle a large ship or vessel, possibly a marine or navy ship.


“Kitesurfers United Maui 2012″ will attempt the following Guinness World Records: largest kitesurfing event ever held, largest group of kiters out on the open ocean, most people attempting a kite-crossing and most kiters riding together in one spot.


The organization wants to gather 2000 or more participants for setting these world records, in April or May 2012. There will be satellite imagery, international news coverage, professional photographers and video productions. All participants might get access to flights discounts. Source: SurferToday

Surfing 26 Hours Straight

Thursday, November 25th, 2010
Imagine being on a surfboard for 26 hours

Imagine being on a surfboard for 26 hours


The Guinness World Records has had thousands of unusual challenges. Bill Laity, 37, added another one to the list. He simply decided to break the record for the longest continuous surf session, in Huntington Beach, from Saturday to Sunday, in stormy sea conditions.


Laity kicked off his attempt at 5am and fought heavy rain, strong winds and choppy waves. For 26 hours, the passionate surfer took his 5′7” shortboard and defyed the weekend swell. “I was stressed. I knew everyone had my back and I didn’t want to let anyone down”, he said.


Bill is a surf-gear reviewer for the online surf retailer Swell, a San Clemente based company. During two months, he prepared the challenge to the detail. The entry form, the city authorization, the wave and wind forecast, the tides and the entire gear.


Wearing a 4/3 wetsuit, Laity surfed for 10 consecutive hours and had a small break. Another 12 hours, a sandwich, water and bananas. At the beach, the Guinness judges were filming and taking their notes.


The problems started to appear during night time. Bill says he had hallucinations imagining shark fins where there were only waves. At 9:26am, Bill Laity completed the 26th hour and got back to the beach. He was tired, but happy.


The Guinness men now will have to confirm the official breaking record. Lifeguard Thomas Cannon is still holding the best result. He surfed for 24 hours in North Carolina, on a longboard. Source: SurferToday

Grandmother Of Wakeboard

Friday, March 19th, 2010

Linda Brown just entered the Guinness World Book of Records as the “Oldest Woman Wakeboard Competitor.” At 63, Brown admitted the whole thing started out as a joke when one of her grandchildren urged her to compete at her ripe old age since she was already competing for many years prior. So, Brown and her husband looked up any previous records for this category and behold: they realized they actually had a shot at this record. Good for her. I wish my gammy could wakeboard. I have to say this is one vibrant grandmother. So Linda entered the Battle of Bull Run Wakeboard Tournament in July, 2009 officially making her the oldest female or male wakeboard competitor as later confirmed by Guinness. Way to go Linda!

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