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The Most Common Injuries In Surfing

Monday, April 18th, 2011
Raimana Van Bastolaer: almost near a headache

Raimana Van Bastolaer: almost near a headache


Surfing is a safe sport. As in any other sport or physical activity, injuries can happen. Surfers are constantly in contact with water and with their boards, near sandy or rocky obstacles.


At the same time, waves are part of the nature of surfing, from smaller ones to big walls of water. First of all, if possible, pre-surfing workouts help prevent surf injuries.


The most severe surf injuries are caused by the surfboard (67%). The fins, the nose, the tail and the rail can hit you in your head, eyes, lips or ears and that means pain and blood. So, whether you’re paddling out or kicking out of a wave, think of a surfboard as a gun.


Lacerations can be avoided with a good wetsuit and by not taking too many risks near a jetty or in a reef break. Risk is manageable and you’re not a hero just because you step into red zones.


Fractures also happen quite often in surfing. Lumbar sprains, cervical damage, dislocated shoulders, knee and ankle injuries might be avoided if you warm up before hitting the waves.


Cramps are also very common and can put you in danger, if you’re surfing big waves. Stay calm and ask for help. Skin is always a problem and must be protected against UV light with a quality sun cream. Source: SurferToday

Jason McCaffrey Breaks Neck In Four Places

Monday, October 25th, 2010
Jason McCaffrey suffered four broken vertebrae and a cracked sternum

Jason McCaffrey suffered four broken vertebrae and a cracked sternum


Jason McCaffrey, winner of the 2009 Weymouth Speed Week, has broken his neck in four places but was sent home with only painkillers, by doctors of the Dorset County Hospital, Dorchester, UK.


The kiteboarding champion had a serious accident in Portland Harbour, but the hospital professionals said he hadn’t broken bones. Three days later, McCaffrey couldn’t handle the pain and the four broken vertebrae and a cracked sternum were only detected at the Royal Victoria Hospital, in Ireland.


The 38-year-old European kitesurfing star has already undergone delicatesurgery to get him back to full recovery. Jason McCaffrey was kiteboarding when his board strap broke. During the accident his chin cracked the sternum and the injuries followed. Source:

King of the Wedge: Dylan van Tonder

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

This year’s Wedge Classic started off on a sad note. One of our top Pro & DK riders, Wes Potts had an unfortunate accident and broke his neck.


Wes had paddled out for free surf to join friends before the start of the heats for the day when the unthinkable happened. On his first wave, Wes air dropped on a meaty first peak wedge, going head first onto his board then getting hammered onto the shallow sand bank. He went to shore still able to move but not knowing what severe damage had actually happened. I’m sure it was the adrenalin that got him up to the tent where after that he sat down, started feeling fuzzy and the pain setting in.


Riders and friends came to his aid, not knowing the severity of the situation but being as helpful in every way. Deon Meyer had placed a board behind Wes’ back to keep him straight, Jammie “Budgie” Higgins was applying first aid and calming him down while Lyndall Jucker had arranged NSRI to come down to take Wes to the nearest hospital. In no time they were there, had Wes on the stretcher, into the bakkie and off to hospital. Later x-rays and a MRI showed he had broken his C6 in 2places meaning his neck was broken.


The doctors said if it wasn’t for those people that helped in time and did what they did, Wes would’ve been paralysed for life and SA bodyboarding would’ve lost a great character and competitor.


A big thanks must go out to all involved and it’s good to see bodyboarders sticking together in times like that. A lesson to everyone to, that one should never surf alone and if you find yourself bumping your head or back on either the sand, rocks or reef, even if you feel okay rather go get it checked out just incase.


Onto a lighter note and probably one of the best Wedge contests I’ve been seen in a while. The contest was sponsored by Rockstar energy drinks, Black Flys sunglasses, Rossi bodyboards, Derevko wetsuits, Power Balance, Showme and Bitou Tourism. For complete results please visit SurferToday @

Ouch That Hurts

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Welcome to another edition of “Ouch That Hurts.” The blog entry that makes us all squirm and want to close our eyes. Enjoy these skateboard crashes from the comfort of your seat. Trust me, it’s much safer this way.

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