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The Best iPhone Surf Games And Apps

Friday, February 11th, 2011
What can't the iPhone do? These are cool apps no doubt.

What can't the iPhone do? These are cool apps no doubt.


Surfing, kiteboarding, windsurfing and bodyboarding applications have been invading the iPhone mobile phone. In the last two year, many bad, fair, good and very good apps were developed and uploaded into the iTunes Store. Free or paid, it’s time to check the best iPhone surf apps.


Let’s start by the iPhone surfing games. It’s not easy to make a good portable surfing game, but “Billabong Surf Trip” is great. Cool graphics, friendly user controls and an overall will to hit the real waves apply. Rip Curl developed “Live The Search: The Ultimate Surfing Game”, another gnarly example of how we should pass time while waiting for the best tide. Finally, “Wildcard Pro Surfing” let’s you, Jonny Carver, experience 1000 different surf trick combinations.


There are other interesting surf apps for you iPhone. The “NOAA Ocean Buoys” is pretty cool. It provides users with access to live data transmitted from over 120 buoys scattered throughout North America, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean. Check the wave heights, wave periods, wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, water temperature, atmospheric pressure, pressure tendency and dew points. Great for surfers and sailors.


Surfline has developed an iPhone app with world surf forecasts. Featuring 90 live HD surf cams, this mobile app has what it takes to get to the best surf spot available, in a few minutes. Windguru launched a very intuitive version of the classic website. This iPhone app is free and can be quickly downloaded. Storm Surfers are also hunting the biggest waves and let you know where they are, for free.


“iSurfer – Surfing Coach” is the perfect surf dictionary for beginners, intermediates and advanced surfers. Learn to perform tricks, the rules, the best equipment and safety procedures. If you’re a windsurfer or kitesurfer, the “Kite and Windsurfing Navigator” is essential to understand what are the pros and cons of your surf trip destinations.


“Wind Vane” is remarkable. This iPhone app gets your GPS location and starts delivering real-time wind speed and direction data. “Wind Meter” uses you iPhone to calculate wind speed, by analyzing the volume on your microphone.


If you’ve still got time before hitting the surf, find out more about “Wind Sensor”, “Over The Falls”, “Windsurfing Tricktionary”, “Sail Size”, “Bobble Surfer”, “Marine Day Tides”, “The Stormrider Guide” and “iBodyboard”. Source: SurferToday

iPhone App Teaches Windsurfing Tricks

Monday, January 3rd, 2011
A dictionary for windsurf tricks ia a tricktionary

A dictionary for windsurf tricks ia a tricktionary


Are you windsurfing in Tarifa and can’t pull that special trick to impress girls, judges or other fellow windsurfers? Now, it’s easier to review the freestyle moves with the “Windsurfing Tricktionary”.


The newest iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch application shows the steps and a video to understand what you’ve got to do to perform the desired move. “Windsurfing Tricktionary” is free for the begginer’s pack and has several demo moves of each of the advanced chapters.


The first version is released in English and features high quality photos, high resolution photo sequences, tips, pre-exercises for each tricks, etc.


So, get back in the water and improve your freestyle windsurfing skill with this application exclusively designed for wind riders. Get it, HERE. Source: SurferToday

Storm Surfers Launch iPhone And iPad App

Saturday, September 11th, 2010
New app for the iPhone gives you tons of great video and big wave info

New app for the iPhone gives you tons of great video and big wave info


Storm Surfers have launched an iPhone and iPad application for download. These apps give you access to exclusive online content, including Storm Surfers images and videos, as well as a hilarious Storm Surfers quiz.


Storm Surfers follows two-time world champion Tom Carroll and big wave tow-in pioneer Ross Clarke-Jones as they hunt down and ride the world’s biggest waves.


Ross and Tom have conquered monster waves off South Africa, ridden a typhoon in Japan and surfed big waves in the Southern Ocean that smash into the most inhospitable areas.


Hunting waves the size of a four-storey building involves strategy, timing, preparation and tracking the largest oceanic storms in the world. That’s where meteorologist and surf forecaster Ben Matson comes in.


Using the latest storm prediction technology, he helps Ross and Tom track swells and time their arrival to a matter of hours in a mad, high-stakes race against time and the elements to conquer and film massive waves.


Storm Surfers – New Zealand is their latest adventure.


The Storm Surfers app has:

• Exclusive High Definition videos from Storm Surfers – New Zealand

• Exclusive photos of Tom Carroll & Ross Clarke-Jones

• Behind the scenes footage and photos

• The story behind the adventure and chasing big waves

• The ultimate Storm Surfers quiz that unlocks a secret video.

• Links to Swellnet forecasting site for the latest on the swell at you local

• Links to and more content



3D Surf Game For iPhone

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010
Awesome 3D surf game to be played on an iPhone by Rip Curl

Awesome 3D surf game to be played on an iPhone by Rip Curl


Rip Curl has announced that it will release a high-end 3D surfing game to the iPhone market this September. Titled “Live The Search: The Ultimate Surfing Game”, the application is being project-managed by Rip Curl International and developed in Australia by Sydney-based creative agency Lomah Studios. Driven by Rip Curl’s “Search” philosophy, the game will allow players to travel the world as Mick Fanning, Stephanie Gilmore or a created surfer, chasing swells and surfing some of the most secret waves in our oceans. The player advances through the game by completing goals, unlocking trips and completing other objectives. There are no contest rash vests in this game either – it’s all about travel, adventure and living the Search.


“I can’t wait to play the finished product – I’m a big iPhone and iPad geek so it’s going to be good to have a surfing app. It will be the perfect game to kill down time. The Search concept is such a big part of Rip Curl’s culture and I’m glad we decided to focus on this for the game – traveling the world in search of perfect waves is what surfing is all about…” – Mick Fanning


“I can’t wait to surf like Mick! It’s really cool that Mick and I are characters in the game – we’ve both been with Rip Curl for over 10 years and we grew up reading about and watching videos of Rip Curl’s first ever Search trips with Tom Curren and co, back in the ’80s. I’m going to play it all the time!” – Stephanie Gilmore


Rip Curl originally planned to release the game in April during the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach, but delayed its unveiling to better tie in with its global ‘Live The Search’ marketing campaign in the second part of the year. “We really wanted this game to be a true reflection of the brand’s spirit. The ‘Search’ is what makes Rip Curl the ultimate surfing company, so this is the concept behind the game as well.”


“We’ve been starved of a high-end surfing game for several years now and there has been a lot of noise about this lately. We’re really excited to get this game available on the iTunes Store and feed the hungry!” – Neil Ridgway (Rip Curl Group Marketing & Advertising Chairman)


The Live The Search game is a revolutionary iPhone application release for Lomah Studios too, who have dedicated over six months to the development project.


“Ground breaking new graphic technology had to be developed for Live The Search, but it all came together perfectly in the end. The more we played the game and refined it, the more we became hooked on it ourselves!” – Stephen Molloy (Creative Director of LOMAH Studios)


“There are a lot of subtleties to the mechanics and the experience of surfing that make all the difference. We went back to the drawing board and created everything from scratch for Live The Search; the end result is really beautiful to play.” – Dain Hedgpeth (Technical Director of LOMAH Studios)


“Live The Search: The Ultimate Surfing Game” is currently being reviewed by Apple and will be available via the iTunes Store later this month.


Keep your eyes peeled on this spot for our announcement of the game’s availability! Source:

Skateboard On Your iPhone

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010
Nice graphics

Nice graphics


Imagine being able to take real world skateboarding tricks and transferring them to the virtual gaming world. Well, now you can. EA has just rolled out a game for your iPhone/iPod Touch called ‘Skate It’ that allows you to control your virtual skateboarder through a variety of urban street scenes and tricks. The game offers two modes of play, from Freeskate to Career Mode where you can continually collect points as you complete a whole range of different challenges.


You have full control

You have full control


‘Skate It,’ is definitely a very cool iPhone game that will surely occupy many of your hours, especially if you are a skateboard freak. One downside though is that the game does not offer any multi-player or sharing options. I guess you have to be content virtually skateboarding alone. But, for what it offers, the fun, decent graphics, and cool tricks you can perform all on a mobile device makes it a compelling app.

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