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Grandmother Of Wakeboard Update

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

This is an amazing update from a blog post we did a while back featuring Linda Brown herself.

Hi I’m Linda Brown Guinness Oldest Wakeboard Competiter in the World. It has been five year’s and I would like to post a update on my Wakeboad status for the last five year’s. Still going at it with a little interruption of Mono for the last 6 months and clean up surgery on a knee replacement from my wonderful knee Doc at age 68. My plan is to be back in action next Summer and ready to Rock it again. In two year’s if everything goes well I plan to up my record to 70 year’s of age “God willing” Here are some pictures through the year’s leading up to where I’m as of Nov 2013.

Notable competition results:

Common Wealth Of Virginia Games 1st Place Women’s Open

Indian Point S.M.L. Women’s Open 2nd Place

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