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New Motor Powered Surfboard

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011
Boost your paddling with the Wavejet

Boost your paddling with the Wavejet


Tired of paddling and fighting against the white water walls. The Wavejet might be for your. Meet the new motor powered surfboard, only 13 pounds heavier than a traditional surfboard.


Surfers can easily opt for turning the motor on or off by using a remote strapped to their arm in a wristwatch-like device. Wavejet can be recharged through a standard wall socket. There’s no gasoline or diesel involved.


Technology has been changing surfing and this Personal Water Propulsion (PWP) engine was designed for use in a wide range of personal watercraft, from SUP to surfboards. Wavejet can be up in a continuous run-time of over 30 minutes.


The inventors say this surfing device is capable of “paddling” three times faster than your own arms. It is safe, quiet and light and can even be used in shallow waters. It’s all about having more time to ride waves.


Is Wavejet the surfboard of the future? The device is already being tested by surfers but only time will tell. The device can transport you in between 8-10 knots. The wireless controller is easy to use and this might bea good option for lifeguards, too.



So if you’re looking for that little extra boost to catch a wave or if your arms have given up, ask for the Wavejet in surf shop near you. Source: SurferToday

New Surf Move

Monday, May 2nd, 2011
Reubyn Ash performing his namesake move

Reubyn Ash performing his namesake move


Reubyn Ash has successfully pulled a double grab flipping on his forehand. The English surfer was trying to land a new trick in Indonesia and he has finally made it.


The new surf move was named “The Reubyo” after being recorded for eternity in Lakey Peak, one of the most famous surf spots in Indonesia, located near the city of Hu Hu. Watch “The Reubyo”, here.


This is clearly not an easy move and it looks like a “Rodeo”, but a closer analysis proves it to be quite different.


Reubyn Ash has always been interested in new laboratory surf moves. The surfer from Bude found the perfect Indo left ramp to confirm a place in surf history. Source: SurferToday

Surfer Girls Show Off In New Movie

Thursday, April 21st, 2011
"Leave a Message", the new surf movie from Nike 6.0

"Leave a Message", the new surf movie from Nike 6.0


Carissa Moore, Lakey Peterson, Laura Enever, Coco Ho, Monyca Byrne-Wickey and Malia Manuel are the stars of “Leave a Message”, the new surf movie from Nike 6.0.


The surf film is dedicated to all surfer girls and presents the hottest female surfing outside of the competition circuit. These pro riders will show off their progressive attitude in the lineup. Groundbreaking aerials and long barrels are common in “Leave a Message”. The surf movie will be fully downloadable on the 24th May 2011.


These girls have talent and prove how much they have evolved in the last years, comparing to men. The new generation of surfer women is preparing a revolution in the sport.



“I’m surrounded by surfing all day, every day and I see a lot of great riders. But what these girls are doing has to be seen to be believed,” says Jason Kenworthy, movie director and Nike 6.0’s surf team photographer. Shot over two years at the world’s hottest surf locations including Australia, California, Hawaii and Mexico, the girls show grace and strength in the water elevating women’s surfing to fantastic new heights.


Nike 6.0 is increasing its support to surfing, in the last couple of years. For the most complete surf movie database, click here. Source: SurferToday

What Is Brushboarding?

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010
Brushboarding, you have to see it to believe it

Brushboarding, you have to see it to believe it


We live in a world where impossible is nothing. After watching Brazilian innovators kiteboarding with a table cloth and a wooden plaque, after understanding the pleasures of tarp surfing, it’s time for another new version of surfing.


Ever heard of Brushboarding? Well, you’re not going to comb your hair while catching waves. Brushboarding is a revolutionary new multiboard sport/training activity that can be enjoyed, by all ages, in a special designed ramp made of… brushes. The brush ramp is safe, environmentally friendly and enhances key skills and fitness needed for all board sports without needing to get wet. Brushboarding builds core strength and fitness while improving balance and co-ordination, in an exciting and innovative way.


The new sport is going global and has already been tested in several countries, such as UK and Portugal.


To find out more about Brushboarding, click

“Tuna” Is The New Finless Surfboard

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010
This "Tuna" is no ordinary fish surfboard

This "Tuna" is no ordinary fish surfboard


One of our goals here at GSI is to push the boundaries of surfing craft. We invest a lot into researching and developing news technologies and new experiences for all levels of surfing.


Over the past 18 months we have been working with Tom Wegener and together we would like to invite you to put yourself out there and experience something new… The Seaglass Project – Tuna.


Tom has a great love for the ancient Hawaiian Alaia surfboard, he has been researching, shaping and riding them for years. Now riding a true Alaia proficiently can take a while to master, but The Seaglass Project’s Tuna is the perfect blend of the Alaia shape and new technology resulting in a finless board that after only a few sessions, will have you screaming down the line, sliding, throwing 360’s, maybe even getting some air – all in a controlled out of control manner that will have you gagging for more. Yep, we’re pumped on it!


If you like a bit of an adrenalin rush or fancy trying something new, check out The Seaglass Project pages on our website where you can watch videos of Tom talking about The Seaglass Project concept, describing the features of the Tuna, download the board specs and heaps more.


Find your local dealer and take one for a test drive, but you better take your wallet because you’ll definitely want to take one home! Check out GSI @  Source:

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