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3D Surf Games

Thursday, January 20th, 2011
No beach, no surf, no ocean, no problem. Surf in this 3D game

No beach, no surf, no ocean, no problem. Surf in this 3D game


YouRiding will debut the fourth generation of online extreme sports video games, at the ISP Trade Fair, in Munich, from the 6th to 9th February. Visitors will be able to test the new versions of YouRiding games, to be officialy released in Summer 2011.


The entertainment site promises completely new 3D images, new game mechanics and innovative scenarios. YouRiding is developed by the French company Intellysurf. The first version of Youriding came out in 2007.


Online water sports’ fans can choose four different disciplines: Surfing, Bodyboarding, Snowboarding and Freeskiing. In 2010, the multiplayer modes had over seven million visitors from 205 countries, who surfed 150 million waves and sped down 20 million ski trails. Source: SurferToday

40 Years Of Bodyboarding

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010
Learn about the entire history of bodyboarding

Learn about the entire history of bodyboarding


Can you imagine how bodyboarding started 40 years ago? Were the body boards heavy? What were they made of? What was their size? The history of bodyboarding gave birth to an online museum. The fantastic idea was brought to the surface by Chris Stroh, a passionate Australian photographer. “The reason for making this site is to try and preserve a bit of bodyboarding history and reflect back on the glory days of the sport, classic moments, influential people and the riders who made it happen throughout the decades.”, Stroh writes. is a very important piece of history of all boogie lovers. You can visit the lives of the first stars, the images of the first modern boards, the early competitions and the first clothing companies.


Tom Morey is considered to be the father of modern bodyboarding. We hope Chris Stroh will keep busy adding quality content from all over the world to


Visit 40 years of bodyboarding history, HERE. Source: SurferToday

Surfboards Of The Future

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010
Is this the future surfboard?

Is this the future surfboard?


How will the surfboards be in the future? Will they embed gadgets such as mobile phones? Will surfers be able to feed themselves while enjoying the pleasures of wave riding? Where is innovation in modern surfing?


Well, in 2004, Intel – world’s largest chip manufacturer – created the world’s first ever surfboard with built-in wireless laptop. The surfboard allowed surfers to check their emails and surf the internet. We’re living in the world of global communications, so decided to shape the surfboard of the future or, if you wish, the futuristic surfboard.


Here’s our proposal:


1. HD Camera: good for capturing the biggest barrel of your life and to prove it to your friends and family;


2. IPad w/ Internet Access: “yes, boss. I am in a middle of a meeting. I’ll call you back in a few waves… er… minutes”;


3. GPS w/ Height Measurement: your aerial moves will be recorded and you’ll enter the “Biggest Air of the History of Surfing” after many tries;


4. Finger Pulse Oximeter: is my body responding well to seven consecutive duck dives?;


5. HiFi Embedded Speakers: hit the peak with Metallica or Jack Johnson;


6. Propeller: tired of paddling? No problem. Press “on”. Source:

Online Surf Games

Friday, May 21st, 2010
Play fun online surf games

Play fun online surf games


Here is a fun way to surf when you are no where near the ocean. Check out these fun online surfing games. has got the best and ultimate collection of surf games! I have played a few myself and I can guarantee hours will fly by without you noticing. Hang ten!

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