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Mysterious Wave Discovered In Indonesia

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011
This new mysterious wave discovered in Indonesia is real

This new mysterious wave discovered in Indonesia is real


The “Seven Ghosts” is the new mysterious wave discovered in Indonesia. The Rip Curl Search team has been traveling the world looking for new surf spots and found out an incredible tidal bore that can be surfed eternally.


Tom Curren, Bruno Santos, Dean Brady, Oney Anwar and Tyler Larronde witnessed this endless wave, after several months of searches. Curren believes “Seven Ghosts” is the longest wave of his life. “It’s the most amazing Search trip in twenty years”, says Tom.



The footage leaves you breathless. Some say it is the greatest river bore tube ever surfed. For several weeks, there were rumours spreading that an incredible new discovery was achieved, but the Indonesian wave was kept secret.


Suddenly, “Seven Ghosts” becomes a legend and an Asian myth. It’s not easy to get there, it’s not easy to survive the dangers and crocodiles are looking forward to get a special meal.



“Seven Ghosts” is as wide and long as heaven. The wave is brown-chocolate and breaks for 50 kilometres, in remote Sumatra. Is it true? Yes, it’s true. Source: SurferToday

Tyler Larronde: Big Wave Surfer

Friday, November 19th, 2010
Tyler Larrondeis a big wave master

Tyler Larrondeis a big wave master


He’s European, he’s 16 years old and he’s not afraid of big waves.


Meet Tyler Larronde, the newest star of the XXL riding circuit. This time, the French wonder hit Jaws for an incredible tow-in surfing session with his father, Michel Larronde, on the jet ski. The junior Tyler boy has what it takes to conquer the world in a very near future. Salt water runs through his veins and he doesn’t let a giant wall of H2O reach the beach without surfing it.


This time, in the beginning of November, the photographer Jimmie Hepp caught Tyler Larronde air dropping a big wave at Jaws, Hawaii.


Of course, the amazing ride and photo have already been submitted to the 2011 Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards. Source: SurferToday

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